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About Vidyalaya

Customize your own School ERP

for schools, colleges, universities, training centers and other educational Institutes. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in the single integrated system. Vidyalaya provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community, including school Management Administrators, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff, Students, and Parents. It carry user-friendly interface, advance technology to integrate with school process.

The Ultimate School ERP For Modern School

Vidyalaya empowers educational institutions to focus on delivering high-quality education while taking care of administrative tasks. It provides a single comprehensive interface for the management, tracking, and reporting of data for school administration, online learning, and student management.

Integrated School Solutions to meet your needs

Vidyalaya has fully integrated school solution with various support functions to reduce manpower-intensive activities through seamless automation. SMS, Email, OMR, Biometric, Smartcard, Barcode etc. SMS, Email, OMR, Biometric, Smartcard, Barcode etc.

Features & Functionality you want

Vidyalaya is a comprehensive solution with a modular design. So it offers the flexibility to select the feature and functionality to suit your school right now and other functionality can also be added when there is a requirement.

Support when you need

Vidyalaya offers flexible support option for customers of all size. These support options provide you with the best available expertise to increase your productivity, reduce your business cost, and to accelerate your processes.

Proud to Lead the Way in school management

Vidyalaya offers the most intuitive and comprehensive functionality in the market. With over 15 years of experience, a client roster of high profile schools and colleges. We are proud to lead the way in school management. Now it’s time to start operating your school with our solutions.


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